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Below are the types of services provided by VMF.

Canine Therapy Services: Participate in animal-assisted therapy with specific goals, objectives and progress documented by a health care professional within the scope of practice of his/her profession.
  • Occupation therapists: daily living skills or vocational skills Physical therapists: gross motor skills (walking; strength training) and physical contact/touch
  • Certified therapeutic recreation specialist: for motor skills, sports, recreation, or leisure
  • Psychologists: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), socialization, mental stimulation; motivation to participate in therapy and recovery
  • Speech therapists: vocalizing commands to dog
Facility Dogs: Work at the side of a professional care-giver, health care practitioner, or physical or occupation therapist to engage veterans in activities to stimulate healing and recovery. Service Dogs: Assist an independent veteran with a physical (visible) or mental health challenge (invisible) for service 24/7 x 365 for 5–7 years. Fully-trained dogs are capable of bringing calm to a veteran with PTSD and/or performing at least three specific tasks to mitigate the veteran's disability.
  • Retrieve dropped items
  • Open/close doors
  • Turn on/off light switches
  • Carry items
  • Alert in emergency

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